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How do I prepare my music catalog using iTunes?


No symptoms.


iTunes Version 11


iTunes Version 10

  1. While viewing your iTunes library, select "Export" from the "File" menu.
  2. In the "save as" box, enter your accountname.txt as the File name and select "Text files (*.txt)" as the Save as type.
  3. Since the format outputted by iTunes is not the correct format for DJ Intelligence, you must open this file in Excel to format it appropriately. Open the file in Excel.
  4. Delete all columns except for column A and B, this should be SONG and ARTIST.
  5. Copy column A and paste it in column C. Once copied, delete column A. You have essentially reversed the columns as you should now have ARTIST in the new column A and SONG in the new column B.
  6. Follow the steps above for exporting from Excel.

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