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Do you have steps for exporting music from iTunes 11 and Numbers?


No symptoms.


(Tested with iTunes 11.1.1)

Step 1. Open iTunes
Step 2. Select main MUSIC folder
Step 3. Under FILE select LIBRARY then select EXPORT PLAYLIST.
Step 4. To the right of SAVE AS name document. Name document with your DJ Intelligence COMPANY NAME. 
Step 5. To the right of FORMAT select UNICODE TEXT and select SAVE.
Step 6. Open NUMBERS. Under FILE select OPEN. Under SEARCH FOR select TODAY. This limits list. Select file with most recent time.
Step 6. Highlight column C through column AA. Delete columns C-AA.
Step 7. Highlight column A and cut by command X. Paste to column C by command V.
Step 8. Highlight column B and cut by command X. Paste to column A by command V. ARTIST should now be in column A and SONG in column B.
Step 9. Under NUMBERS select FILE then EXPORT. 
Step 10. Select CSV then WESTERN (Windows Latin 1). Select NEXT.
Step 11. Under SAVE AS make name your COMPANY NAME.
Step 12. EXPORT

*An error screen pops up that you can close out.

Step 16. Close NUMBERS.
Step 17. Go to DJ Intelligence under TOOL CONFIGURATION then MUSIC DATABASE.
Step 18. Choose same FILE then UPLOAD MUSIC LIST.

Note: Screenshots of preparing with numbers can be found at this KB item:

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