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How do I receive the M3U file?


No symptoms.


This process is completed by our system when the customer has completed their songlist and clicks "SUBMIT PLAYLIST". You will then receive an email containing the list in standard printable text format in the body of the email, as well as an M3U Attachment.

Please remember that M3U's will only become available for clients whom have planned their entire songlist from your uploaded database - anything less will cause the system to pick songs from the master database which might be left off your M3U as there is no physical location on our list, only yours.

NOTE: The system by default is setup to make it so that when you upload your database, it will use yours exclusively - however you may have changed this over time, therefore it is recommended that you revisit your MASTER SETTINGS of the control panel and double check where it asks "Merge Lists"? Yes / No set this to "NO", forcing the system and your customers to only select from your personal upload.

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