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PayPal will not accept a customers payment. Why?


PayPal may decline a customers attempt to make a payment for the following:

(A) If a customer has an account with PayPal, and their Credit Card they are using is linked to their account - but they chose not to login but rather to try and process the credit card directly.

(B) If the cardholder has not created an account on PayPal, the card will be flagged for decline after the customer has spent between $1,000 - $2,000 USD with PayPal Merchants.

(C) Inadequate billing information from non-PayPal end-user in which PayPal is unable to verify with the issuing bank and therefore times-out and declines.


Ask that the customer register an account with PayPal if they do not already have one, or that if they do - they login to their account to complete their transaction.

Instruct your customer to contact PayPal directly, as they will release funds once the billing information has been verified.

If problems still persist, contact PayPal directly at 1-402-935-2050.

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