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Can I embed other lists other than or in addition to the top 200?


No symptoms.


While this function is not included in our Code Builder, you can add some additional code to accomplish this. 

(Prerequisite: You should feel comfortable adjusting HTML code.)

First, visit your public-facing top 200 list (or use our demo site:

Next, click on the desired list you'd like to embed. (Let's use "intros" as our example.)

Make note of the addition to the URL (?list=xxxx)when you click on the special list. For intros, the URL is

Now that you have made note of ?list=INTROS, you can go grab the top 200 list embed code on your Control Panel under Code Builder > Music.

Add this code to your website and be sure to add the ?list=INTROS after the URLs in the code we provide. 

(Follow the same procedure for the other top lists you'd like to embed.)

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