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Understanding Event Payment Terminology


Can you help me understand the terms, applied, complete, and pending?


Pending: Pending is the default value given to a payment where the client has used PayPal through the DJ Intelligence Payment Gateway. We mark this "pending" so that you can verify the funds were deposited to PayPal and/or bank account. Once you have confirmed this, change the value to "applied" to apply the payment to a client's existing balance.

Complete: Complete is the default value given to a payment made through the DJ Intelligence Gateway when BluePay and/or are the chosen processors. A "complete" status indicates the transaction was successful with the processor. Update the record to "applied" when you have verified the funds have cleared in order to apply to the client's balance.

Applied: Choose "applied" in order to apply the transaction to a customer's balance.

The sample screenshot below illustrates different behavior of these terms. Note that only the transactions marked "applied" modify the client's balance.

(For a full tutorial of Event Payments, please view our video:

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