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Can we edit or create our planning forms?


We are looking for a specific type of planning form.


The great thing about our system is the ability to create planning forms to your own desires and specifications.

First and foremost, we would recommend making a "BACKUP" copy of the form you wish to change. This way, regardless of any changes you wish to make, you have a backup copy of the form in its original form. To do this, simply open the form and immediately click on "Save As" and then save as something like "Wedding BACKUP".

With the above said, you have two options for modifying your form:

(1) As long as you DO NOT change ANY of the EXISTING questions on the form, you can ADD new questions without affecting existing saved forms. They will load as normal and will see the new questions appear.

(2) You can create a NEW form and have all of your new clients from this point forward using the new form, which allowing all of your existing clients to continue using the current form. Then, once all of your current events have passed, you can delete the current form and use the new form exclusively.

To create your own:

1. Log in to DJ Intelligence.

2. Under the Settings & Configuration menu option, click on the Planning Forms hyperlink.

3. From this screen you will be given the option to edit and create planning forms.

REMEMBER: You can assign multiple planning forms to one client when you create a new client under the Event Information heading[/i].

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