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I've created my account, how do I get started using it?


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Steps to Getting Started INSTANTLY!
Quickly & Easily

STEP 1: Customize your account to match your website and adjust how you want the tools to function. Visit the Master Settings page of your Control Panel.
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STEP 2: Optionally customize additional aspects of your account for added power, such as the ability to receive leads on your cell phone. Visit the Advanced Settings page of your Control Panel. 
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STEP 3: Easily Integrate the tools into your existing website. Visit the Code Builder page of your Control Panel - Please select which scenario applies to you:
I Already Have A Web Designer
I Manage My Own Site
I Don't Have A Website Yet
I Don't Want A Website - Just The Tools

Need Help? We provide Audio/Video Tutorials which are broken up by segments, so that you can watch only the section that is pertinent to where you're at with your setup process.  We also provide this very extensive Frequently Asked Questions database as well as unlimited support and typically rapid response eTicket Support.

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