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I would like to filter survey results by event type or staff member. Is this possible?


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You can indeed filter survey results in one of three ways:

ID: The name of the survey

Type: The type of event.

Staff: The name of the staff member.

For example, if you would like to display results from your Wedding Survey, you would use the following:

If you would like to specify the event type (using "Wedding" as an example), you would use:

Finally, if you would like to filter by staff member (using DJ Paul Hewson, as an example), you would use: Paul Hewson

(Note 1: If there were modifications/renames to forms, the "ID" solution is not ideal. We recommend using Type or Staff.)

(Note 2: This KB item is written for DJ Intelligence users, however, it works identically for Event Intelligence users. Just modify the URL to include

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