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How do I create a CNAME in GoDaddy?


No symptoms.


1. Visit and log in.

2. Find the domain you'd like add a CNAME for, and click "Edit Zone"

Under CNAME, click the "Quick Add" button.

The host value will be something like clients, events, customers, dj, etc. This value is up to you and becomes part of the URL to your tools (eg

3. The "points to" field is the URL of your tools at DJ Intelligence. (eg (Substitute "demo" with your account name.)

You can keep the TTL to 1 hour.

4. Click "Save Zone File" towards the upper right.

While generally quick, this takes up to 48 hours to propogate.

5. Don't forget to enter this URL in your Company Information link.

You'll enter the full URL of your tools (such as, clients.yourdomain, or whatever CNAME you chose).

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