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Can I make something available for download by clients?


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There are two methods of which you can use to place something within the CLIENT AREA for a customer to see once logged in:

(A) From within your Advanced Settings there is a section which allows you to add additional HTML code to the bottom of the Client Login page. Since the planning forms will not be changing location after having been uploaded to your server, you can simply use HTML to create a hyperlink directly to the path so that they then have the ability to download it.

(B) Alternatively, you could also link to it by placing the HTML Code to create a hyperlink to the planner form on your server, from within the CLIENT LOGIN hyperlink under Event Information on the control panel, right where you go to setup the clients login initially - copy and paste the link code in the "Notes to Customer" box. 

NOTE: Method B requires that it be programmed each time for each individual client. Method A would be universal across all client logins.

An HTML Hyperlink looks like

<a href="" target="_blank">Click Here To Download</a>

RED = the URL to the file you want to take them to.

BLUE = tells the system to open the link in a new window vs using the existing screen. Simply remove to make it take over the current screen. (not recommended)

GREEN = what displays on screen that they click on.

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