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Integration with Joomla!


No symptoms.


Integration with Joomla could not be simpler...

1. Login to Joomla!

2. Click on Main Menu

3. From the Menu Manager, either edit a pre-existing menu or create a new one.

4. From Menu Item Manager click New

5. Click on Wrapper from the menu, which will then present a fold-out option repeating the word Wrapper. Click that hyperlink.

6. Complete the left side, with "NAME" being how you want it to appear on your menu (i.e. "Availability", "Contact Us", "Client Area", or other), whereas the right hand side under Parameters, place the URL pointing directly to your tool (i.e.

7. Also within the Parameters you will want to set the HEIGHT to 2100 to ensure that all elements fit within the pages.

That's it! Repeat this process as many times as necessary until all desired tools have been integrated.

SIDE NOTE: You will want to ensure that under the Master Settings of your DJ Intelligence/Event Intelligence account, line #1 - says NONE to ensure that no logo appears, since your tools embed directly into your page with headers, navigation, and footers remaining in tact.

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