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Integration with Angelfire


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To integrate the tools on your website, the Code Builder will provide you with snippets of HTML code to be inserted into the HTML code of your web pages.

How to insert an website tool into your web page using Angelfire

  1. Log into Angelfire. This takes you into the Angelfire Webshell screen.
  2. If you wish to insert your website tool onto an existing web page, highlight the relevant web page and select 'Edit'. This will take you to the 'Basic Editor Standard' as default. (You have two options for editing your web pages, Basic Editor Standard and Advanced Editor. The former is a simple wizard, the latter an HTML Editor. You can switch between the two via the button at the bottom of the page.) If you are creating a web page from scratch, select a name for your page and select 'Create'. Select 'Basic' from the next screen and press submit, and you are now taken to the 'Basic Editor Standard'.
  3. Paste your website tool HTML snippet into any area marked 'Create Text Block ? Text: HTML and images are okay here'.
  4. Select 'Save' or 'Preview' to see your changes. You have now added an website tool to your web page.

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