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How do I set up groups for the packages and options?


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The grouping feature allows you to group together your packages and options into various groups so that they only appear in certain circumstances.

For example, you may perform weddings, schools, and corporate events. You don't necessarily want your wedding prospects to see your school packages, your school prospects to see your corporate packages, and so on. This feature will allow you to create multiple quote generators based on the groups you've set.

First, add a "group" name to each of your packages and options from within the control panel. If you do not have a group name, that particular package/option will appear for ALL groups. So if, for example, you have a lighting upgrade that applies to ALL events, just leave the group blank.

Next, you'll want to update the links on your own website to point to the appropriate grouped quote generator. For example, on your wedding page you'll want to point to your "wedding" group quote generator, etc.

If your account name was "accountname", then your regular quote generator URL would be

Now, just simply link your quote generator to your page using one of the integration methods provided to you under Code Builder on your control panel.

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