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Can I set the mileage calculator to charge per mile instead of in ranges?


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The mileage calculator calculates the direct "line of sight" distance from the center of your Zip code (as specified on the Company Information page of your control panel) to the center of the venue Zip code the prospective client enters. As such, this is not an exact mileage calculation from your office to the venue location. It is an estimated mileage calculation since actual mileage will vary based on route you decide to drive. As such, it is not feasible to charge your customers "per mile" based on this mileage calculation. Actual mileage will vary. This is why our system is designed to charge mileage fees based on mileage ranges. You can use these ranges to set up basic ranges over your standard travel distance. Common ranges among our subscribers are blocks of 10-25 miles. If you feel you absolutely have to have a per mile charge, you could set up individual ranges for each mile, i.e. 1 to 1 miles, 2 to 2 miles, 3 to 3 miles, etc. with the corresponding charge for each.

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