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Can I have my additional Quote Generator questions carry over to the Booking System if I have my Quote Generator and Booking System linked together?


No symptoms.


If you have added additional questions to your contact forms (they appear on the Availability Checker, Quote Generator, and Contact Form tools) and you have your Quote Generator and Booking System linked together, you can have those additional questions carry over and merge into your contract header.

To accomplish this, make sure your additional contact form questions as specified on the Advanced Settings page of your control panel EXACTLY MATCH the additional fields as specified on the Booking System configuration page of your control panel. In other words, you want the same questions to appear on both the contact forms and Booking System. If they match exactly and are in the same order, this information will automatically sync up when you link together your Quote Generator and Booking System. Note that the questions must be exactly the same, spelled the same, and in the same order for this to work properly. If they are not, none of the extra questions will appear at all.

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